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2015 San Diego County Fair with the Fallbrook FFA & 4H

We’re closing in on our biggest event of the year; Market Week for the 2015 San Diego County Fair, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, culminating in the annual Jr. Livestock Auction!

Fallbrook Ag Boosters and The San Diego County Fair 2015
A Fair to Remember: a Celebration of World’s Fairs and Balboa Park.
Beginning Friday, June 5th, this year’s fair commemorates the centennial anniversary of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition held in Balboa Park, and the great traditions and inventions arising from fairs.
Full Schedule ~ 2015 San Diego County Fair
Locally Raised Beef, Poultry, Pork & MORE from the Fallbrook FFA and 4H!
Become a Registered Buyer!
Not only will you receive a buyer’s package and an opportunity to bid & win some quality product, you’ll also get free tickets to the San Diego County Fair for the day of the auction.
Auction Bidder Inquiry form.
Bidding Is Easy!
This is a great auction and if you’re lucky enough to win, with a 3% processing fee and a choice of local processors, stocking your freezer with some phenomenal cuts is easy, too.
Great Time for the Whole Family!
Come on down and bring the whole family! This is a fun & educational time for everyone and will give you a greater appreciation for the efforts that go into putting quality items on your dining table.

June 29-July 5 (Market Week)

Beef cattle, lambs, pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens and rabbits. Animals shown this week are raised by San Diego County youth in 4H and FFA. Please note that the Fair will be closed to the public on Monday, June 29.
Livestock and Breed Show Schedules

Junior Livestock Auction

Saturday, July 4, 2015: Don’t miss the live action of a good old fashioned livestock auction! Fallbrook ( and other communities, of course ) 4-H and FFA members will sell their blue-ribbon-winning market animals to the highest bidder. It is a great way to purchase hand-raised, locally grown beef, lamb, pork, goat, chicken and turkey and support local youth. Many youth use the funds to pay for their college education. Interested buyers can contact the Livestock Office at (858) 792-4283 for more information or get more details on the Junior Livestock Auction page.

 Fallbrook Ag Boosters and The San Diego County Fair 2015

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